Walking on the road, after the rain

Dear Square Enix,

After a long, long time, I am finally enthusiastic toward Final Fantasy again.

I haven’t written in quite a while. Been busy with a lot of stuff, your games included; Final Fantasy XIII trilogy and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. I think I’ll write a detailed review of these games sometime. Long story short, FFXIII and FFXIII-2 – overall unimpressive; Lightning Returns and Type-0 – overall amazing.

Anyway, let me talk about why I’m happy with Final Fantasy after many years.

See, I used to not believe in Final Fantasy XV at all. Ever since it entered development (hell), pretty much.
Initially, I loved the idea of Shakespearean Final Fantasy. When it was announced the game was to move away from that, I was extremely disappointed. The developments that followed only made my disappointment heavier.

The bro trip, the showcased vast wildlands, the Noctis changes, the Regis changes (still feeling bad over this), the Stella changes (this as well)… I liked nearly nothing. I didn’t even like how much of the game you started showing.

Then, a specific trailer popped up—the trailer where we see adult Noctis. I was utterly shocked when I realized what happened. All the possibilities; the potential character development and story depth hit me like a brick. I was dumbfounded by this news. It single-handedly altered my perspective from negative to positive.

So, as of recently, I am incredibly hyped for FFXV. I even went to preorder PlayStation 4 Pro just for it! And for, well, a couple of other things also, including…

World of Final Fantasy. Now this is the type of a game I’ve been waiting more than a decade for you to make. A warm, light-hearted Final Fantasy spinoff adventure. Something like the original Crystal Chronicles.

FFXV, WoFF, Final Fantasy VII remake, Final Fantasy XII remaster, new Dissidia… It’s a good time to be a Final Fantasy fan.

Thank you, Square Enix, and keep up the good work.


Final Fantasy VII Remake

Dear Square Enix,

You’ve made this year one to remember for Final Fantasy fans. The announcement of Final Fantasy 7 remake! How awesome is that?!

Well, it’s pretty awesome. It’s amazing, actually, and for me personally, a surprise before anything else. Mr. Kitase said the remake was not a feasible venture to go into at that moment (which was last year; 2014), so I wouldn’t have banked on the remake being announced the very next year!

Anyway, I was both happy and worried when the announcement was made. “Can they make a deserving remake?” and “How will the modern standards influence the remake?” were the first thoughts that popped up in my mind.

But hey, remaking FFVII is no longer a pipe dream — it is happening! So Square Enix, do make sure it’s a great, nay, a fantastic game that both new and old generations of fans will enjoy.


Dear Square Enix,

The Chrono games were absolute masterpieces. Can the genius behind them ever be repeated?

Both games are beyond words to describe. Story, gameplay, music, backgrounds… Everything was top-notch. I definitely understand that the series might not be able to continue due to no circumstances to reassemble the team and make a deserving sequel, but I felt I had to express praise for those games, as I cherish my experiences with them very much.

Maybe some day, right?

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Dear Square Enix,

Thank you for finally announcing Final Fantasy Type-0 for Western territories! Can’t wait to see what improvements you made in the HD version!

Chocobo Racing 3D cancelled

Dear Square Enix,

Mr. Tokita said that as far as he knows, Chocobo Racing 3D is a closed project. That can be considered a confirmation of Chocobo Racing 3D being cancelled.

This isn’t surprising, however, there are two things I would like to comment:

You never officially declared the game to be cancelled. There is a tendency of you not doing those kind of announcements, which are actually essential, even though they’re negative. It indeed is important to inform your customers and your fans of the status of projects. I’ve been waiting for an update on this game for years, asking your community staff about it and not receiving any answers. Now that I found out what’s up, at least I’m at peace in that regard.

You seem to have abandoned the Chocobo series. Chocobo games were always a welcome addition to my experience as a Final Fantasy fan. They were cute and warm, full with cameos that I greatly appreciated. I still play Chocobo Racing to this day with my family and friends! Chocobo Racing being the old game it is, we would surely like a current generation take on our most beloved multiplayer game.

Please give Chocobo another chance.

Ev3nt of the year

Dear Square Enix,

This E3 was amazing, and it’s all because of you.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII, now Final Fantasy XV (good decision), was something that was expected to be shown but there was a lot of doubt regardless. Anyway, the trailer was outstanding, it revitalized people’s excitement for this game, which to be honest is something worthy of mention, considering all the years of nothingness.

Final Fantasy XV looks spectacularly well made, so fluid, detailed and engaging. The scene when Noctis chuckles — I chuckle as well — every time I watch it! It’s brilliant. I like how you’re presenting the bond of Noctis and his father, it does a good job of making the viewer care for the bond and for the characters.

One notable element of the latest trailer I would like to point out is Prompto’s “assist” in battle where he comes from behind Noctis’s shoulder to shoot an enemy. It looks so natural while cool at the same time!

All in all, the E3 2013 Final Fantasy XV trailer was very enjoyable. However…

I must emphasize the lack of release date/year. It’s not concerning per se, but considering the history and the circumstances it’s worrisome to think you couldn’t present an idea of when it’s going to be released. Of course there’s probably a legitimate reason behind that decision, but once the hype which this trailer produces drops, people will realize this is just a trailer with the game not in sight.

Following the Final Fantasy XV trailer, a massive surprise appeared; Kingdom Hearts III trailer! I was stunned. After so many years, you finally decided to confirm the third part. I actually think the KHIII trailer was much more surprising than FFXV’s.

This year’s E3 must have been the best one ever. To think it would be that much better if you announced Final Fantasy Type-0’s international release… I have to say I was disappointed a bit, but not too much as I’m waiting for this game for quite a while already. Please do something about it.

Thank you for a great experience.

Bravely Demand

Dear Square Enix,

Recently you posted a couple of tweets on your Bravely Default: Flying Fairy official Twitter account saying; “I accessed Twitter after a long absence. A voice of the foreign one arrives properly!” and “There is very much comment from overseas one! I do my best to have all of you play!”

While I’m glad to hear that you acknowledge the demand for this game, I can’t approve of the way the game may have reached the decision to get released worldwide.

If we are to go strictly by your words published on Twitter, BDFF will be localized because fans expressed demand. As it is, it sounds fine and perfectly reasonable. However, in reality, there is a big issue there; you did not request for a display of demand. People acted out of worry that the game will not be released internationally. That is not how you should gauge interest in a product or a service, because you will not get enough feedback.

Leaving everything in the hands of people who make groups that rally up and call for localizations is unreliable and it creates unnecessary tension and pressure on your public relations.

If you want consumers to express demand or provide feedback, please ask them to do so.

All The Worst

Dear Square Enix,

Final Fantasy All The Bravest is in its concept a wonderful idea. Unfortunately, you took that concept and implemented it into a typical, dumbed-down mobile game. Why did you go for the shallow gameplay and greedy in-app purchases when you could have made much more out of it? Just because the market is flooded with these types of games it doesn’t mean it’s a good practice. It’s not, and the market is heavily saturated. The pretty much only reason such a product can be successful is because it’s carried by either the company’s or intellectual property’s name.

The reviews are condemning, and rightfully so. Do you really want to head in that direction? Sure, it’s easy money, but at what cost?

It’s been mentioned many times before,  higher price for a complete game is better than low or no price and microtransactions. I would be glad if you did the former with Final Fantasy All The Bravest. I will hope for an update that will at least rectify the heavily criticized elements of the game.

Versus XV

Dear Square Enix,

It would probably be a good idea to rename Final Fantasy Versus XIII into Final Fantasy XV. An ambitious project such as Final Fantasy Versus XIII would serve better as a mainline title.

The development of Versus XIII is taking a long time. The developments of Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIII took a long time too, and the development of FFXV will most probably take long as well. If you rebranded Final Fantasy Versus XIII into Final Fantasy XV, it would somewhat solve this issue, to a degree — you will still have to produce Final Fantasy XVI sooner than three years following the release of FFXV!

Versus XIII takes a rather big step away from the main branch of games in the gameplay element. The battle system is action-based, so it would be a notable change. However, Final Fantasy is about change, is it not? Final Fantasy Versus XIII is regarded as one of the most anticipated, most ambitious Final Fantasy titles of all time. For this reason I don’t think the game should be a mere spin-off, but rather a full-fledged Final Fantasy.

Finis is Approaching

Dear Square Enix,

Please go forward with Final Fantasy Type-0 and announce it for the West before it’s too late. Things are starting to look bad for the game with each passing day. People are acting correspondingly to your neglect of Final Fantasy Type-0; they are translating the game themselves, which will result in potentially weaker market performance the game would otherwise have.

This is not in my interest as is not in yours. I want this game to succeed in its fullest potential, providing an opportunity for the series to realize as planned. Announce Final Fantasy Type-0 as soon as possible.